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Thanks to our sponsors!

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Stillwater Christian Services


Thank you for your interest in the Inaugural Camp Manitowoc Golf Tournament. I know what you’re thinking: “Camp Manitowoc? Never heard of it.”

This is a new year for a new church camp with very deep roots. Our camp was formerly known as West of Heaven, dating back to the 1980s. I have been blessed with getting to carry on the torch of this tradition and continue moving it into the lives of a new generation.

Manitowoc? It almost sounds familiar. You might know it as a brand of ice and water machines. Well, that’s how we know it, too. During camp every summer, in the heat of July, our campers are constantly visiting our Manitowoc ice and water machine in the mess hall, refilling their bottles to the brim, hydrating their bodies for the activities of the day, and honestly, getting in a little of that “water cooler” talk.

Our camp works the same way for these young people. They come back to camp every summer looking to fill their spiritual cups, nourish their souls and making lasting friendships connected through their faith.


With your support we can continue to help these young people fill their cups year after year. Your donation to our golf tournament will help provide scholarships, meals, activities, Bible class materials, and much more.

Again, thank you for your support, prayers and investment in the future of these teenagers.


In Him,

Matt Fletcher
Camp Manitowoc Director

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